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Round #1 runs 5 May – 31 May 2022. More than 3,000 DAI will be distributed to 6 creators this round!

Be seen. Be heard. Be experienced.




LOUDVΞRSΞ is a 2-sided marketplace for funding
hard-to-quantify public goods like music, poetry, and theater.

A winning project at ETH Denver 2022 in both the in-person
and virtual hackathons, we launched a real-money, invite-only
Beta round with 3k DAI from our winnings to keep learning and
commission some awesome art — Check out these 6 creators!

A key building block is double-constrained quadratic funding,
to match funds using a fixed match pool and minimum viable funding goals.

Crowd-commissions blur lines between fan/creator, analog/digital,
empowering artists to co-create and ship creative work with the
Ethereum blockchain in ways never before possible.

Want to connect? Email general (at) loudverse (dot) com, we would love to hear from you!

Web3 is providing creators with more opportunities to fund and monetize their work. But there is still an open design space for funding hard-to-quantify public goods like music, poetry, and theater.
Crowd-commissioning empowers artists, musicians, and other creators to fund their work in a sustainable way while building a deeper relationship with their fans and supporters.
A Crowd-Commission is a non-transferrable NFT collectible that represents “proof of patronage” and can allow artists and contributors to co-create and share in the financial upside.
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